Highlights: - Aldrin drills elevated radiation intersections in new drill holes on the Anticline Target. - Further drilling will follow high-resolution surface geophysics and geochemistry to more precisely define the target. - Each of the first three drill holes return elevated counts from the Mount Sopris model 2PGA-1000 down-hole gamma logger

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired - June 19, 2014) - Aldrin Resource Corp. (“Aldrin”) (TSX VENTURE:ALN) is pleased to report new intersections of radioactive mineralization in the second half of the first drill hole (ALN14-008) testing the Anticline Target, as well as in both subsequent drill tests (ALN14-009 and ALN14-010), based on field data from a Mount Sopris model 2PGA-1000 down-hole gamma logger. The Anticline Target is a coincident basement conductor, gravity low and structural feature extending more than 2.5 km on strike (Fig. 1). It is located on Aldrin’s Triple M Property which is adjacent to Fission Uranium Corporation’s spectacular high-grade uranium discovery at Patterson Lake in northern Saskatchewan.

As the Company reported in a news release dated May 29, 2014 the down-hole gamma logger identified 9 zones in the upper portion of drill hole ALN14-008 between 176.6 m and 246. 2 m depth spanning in total 14.6 m which read values above 300 counts per second (CPS) over >0.3 m. As detailed in the May 29 news release, the two highest count zones reached maximum values 1380 CPS (176.6 m to 183.2 m) and 1850 CPS (243.1 m to 246.2 m), where values remained above 1000 CPS over a combined drill thickness of 2.7 m. Six of the other zones had high counts above 500 CPS, and the remaining zone had a high count of 380 CPS.

Subsequent to the May 29 news release, drill hole ALN14-008 continued drilling to a total depth of 416 m. The drill hole intersected an additional 5 zones with >300 CPS over a combined 10.25 m between 256.1 m and 293 m depth. There were 6 new peaks >500 CPS, with the highest reaching 800 CPS at 325.5 m depth (Table 1).

The high-count zones in drill hole ALN14-008 occur within intensely altered, locally graphitic and garnetiferous, pelitic and semi-pelitic gneiss. Alteration is clay-rich in the upper part of basement (interpreted as paleoregolith) with local strong hematite staining and is dominated by sericite and pyrite throughout the radioactively mineralized zones. Dravite occurs locally.

Drill holes ALN14-009 and ALN14-010 were drilled to further test the Anticline Target after drill hole ALN14-080 and were completed to total depths of 293 m and 284 m, respectively. ALN14-009 was drilled 75 m west of ALN14-008, and encountered two peaks greater than 500 CPS as well as three others from 390 to 475 CPS (Table 2). The maximum peak value in ALN14-009 is 745 CPS. ALN14-010 was drilled 35 m northwest of ALN14-008, and encountered 3 peaks greater than 500 CPS (maximum value 695 CPS) plus another that reached 380 CPS. All peaks were measured using the same Mount Sopris 2PGA-1000 down-hole gamma logger described above for ALN14-008. Both ALN14-009 and ALN14-010 are dominated by variably graphitic, pelitic and semi-pelitic gneiss, with strong sericite and pyrite alteration. Alteration is similar to, but generally less intense than, drill hole ALN14-008, which is consistent with ALN14-009 and ALN14-010 being slightly further out in the mineralization halo compared to drill hole ALN14-008.

To view Figure 1, please visit the following link: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/aln0619fig1.pdf.

Background radiation levels are generally below 200 CPS in the meta-sedimentary rocks that dominate the drill target area. Aldrin considers intervals >0.3 m thick and with >300 CPS to be significant radioactive mineralization for our exploration program in the Triple M Property area. True thickness has not yet been determined for the intervals. Note that the 2PGA-1000 down-hole logger records total counts which can be derived from potassium (K), thorium (Th) or uranium (U) radiation and thus may not be directly related to uranium content in the drill core. Although a good correlation has been reported between total counts and uranium content at Fission Uranium Corp’s Patterson Lake discovery, the actual radioactive source element will only be known for the Anticline discovery after chemical analysis on drill core is completed at the Saskatchewan Research Council Laboratory in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the coming weeks.

Johnathan More, Aldrin Director and CEO, remarked, “I am very encouraged with the strong results from our first drill tests of the Anticline Target. I anticipate even more remarkable results when we return to drilling immediately following our high-resolution surface geophysics and geochemistry.”

Harrison Cookenboo, Ph.D., P.Geo. and Aldrin’s Vice President Exploration and Development, is a Qualified Person (QP) by the standards of National Instrument 43-101. He has reviewed the technical data described above and approves the contents of this news release.


Johnathan More, CEO and Director

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Table 1: High-count intervals from drill hole ALN14-008:

ALN14-008 Intervals >300 CPS over >0.3 m from the 2PGA 1000 down-hole gamma logger.

176.6-183.2 m6.5 mMAX =1380CPS>1000 CPS = 0.6 m cumulative
184.7-185.6 m0.9 mMAX =505CPS
201.8-202.1 m0.4 mMAX =550CPS
207.4-207.9 m0.6 mMAX =755CPS
225.1-226.3 m1.1 mMAX =880CPS
227.6-228.2 m0.6 mMAX =730CPS
230.0-230.7 m0.7 mMAX =380CPS
234.5-235.1 m0.7 mMAX =500CPS
243.1-246.2 m3.1 mMAX =1850CPS>1000 CPS = 2.1 m continuous
256.1-260.0 m3.5 mMAX =535CPS
262.8-264.0 m1.2 mMAX =430CPS
268.1-270.0 m1.9 mMAX =780CPS
287.7-290.4 m2.7 mMAX =600CPS
292.4-293.7 m1.3 mMAX =450CPS
323.3-323.9 m0.6 mMAX =430CPS
25.8 m

Table 2: High-count intervals from ALN14-009 and ALN14-010

214.9-217.5 m2.4 mMAX =505 CPS
237.9-238.7 m0.8 mMAX =475 CPS
247.4-248.0 m0.6 mMAX =745 CPS
252.0-252.7 m0.7 mMAX =390 CPS
288.3-289.1 m0.8 mMAX =395 CPS
226.7-227.6 m0.9 mMAX =525 CPS
228.9-229.4 m0.5 mMAX =510 CPS
232.3-232.9 m0.6 mMAX =685 CPS
281.4-282.0 m0.6 mMAX =380 CPS

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